Business Development, Research & Innovation


Our Investment in the Future

We strongly believe that involving customers, suppliers, universities as well as other institutes and in particular all of our employees is a key success factor for our innovation process. The implementation of our customized innovation system offers the possibility to follow those ideas with the most promising output for the future.

Our research focus is set on three main topics: Materials – Modeling – Machinery and Processes:

We analyze thermomechanical, thermophysical and other properties of established or newly developed steels, nickelbase superalloys, titanium alloys and titanium aluminides together with our research partners in order to define optimized forging, heat treatment and machining processes for future aircraft forgings.

We develop new models and post-processing tools for the finite element analysis of our manufacturing processes in order to predict microstructure, residual stresses and mechanical properties. This offers the possibility to tailor position dependent properties and simultaneously reduce production costs in close collaboration with our customers.

Machinery and Processes:
We analyze and develop new production processes together with our partners. We instrument our equipment to study its characteristics and implement it into our simulation tools. Furthermore, we use this gathered processing data together with mechanical property test results from certified test labs and our research partners to verify our simulation models.

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