Turbine Blades


Modern turbine blades are a masterpiece of precision.

Due to the extreme mechanical and thermal loads they have to withstand, turbine blades are among the most technically critical components in energy generating technology with high profile requirements regarding efficiency, reliability and environmental compatibility.

The demands imposed on the high-strength steel, nickel-base and titanium alloys are at the leading edge of technical capability.

For decades, we have been a specialist for closed-die forged turbine blades for stationary steam- and gas turbines.


Steam Turbine Blades 


BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik specializes in the manufacture of Last Stage Blades. They are decisive for the efficiency of a turbine. The best possible mechanical properties and the most exact dimensional accuracy are vital for these components to stand up to maximum operating loads. The screw press as our main forging equipment is particularly suited for the production of thin-walled components such as turbine blades that are distortion low and exceptionally machinable. This technology singles out the quality of BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik.

Gas Turbine Blades


BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik produces turbine blades for use in compressors and in the hot gas path, which is connected to the combustion chamber. The requirements specification and the related materials implemented are quite distinct and do require a precisely defined forging process. While compressors call for steel and titanium alloys, the hot gas path, because of the enormous thermal stress, demands the use of the more difficultly forged nickel-base materials and special steels specifically manufactured for thermal stress.

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